Abol offers a variety of items on its menu including vegetarian options and gluten free injera. Mealtime in Ethiopia is a time in which families, friends, colleagues, couples, and even acquaintances come together to share a meal from one plate. This is where “Gursha” comes from. "Gursha" is an Ethiopian tradition in which the people eating show their kindness and affection by feeding one another.
Vegetarian entrees
Yemisir Kik We’t (Split Lentil Sauce), Yemitin Shero We’t (Hot Chick Pea Flour Sauce), Tomato Fitfit (Or Green Salad), Kik Alicha We’t (Yellow Split Pea Sauce), Gomen We’t (Collard Greens), Tikle Gomen (Cabbage), Qey-Sir (Beets and Potato), Fosolia Be Carote (String beans and carrots), and Shenbra Asa We’t (Oven baked chick peas).
Meat entrees
            Yesega Alcha we’t (Mild Beef Stew), Yesega we’t (Spicy Beef Stew), Abol Special Tibs (Meat cooked in spices), Abol Special Kitfo, Yebeg We’t (Lamb Stew), and Yebeg Kikil (Rich, thick Lamb Soup) just to name a few.
            If you want to sample more than one item, Abol also offers combinations. You can chose the vegetarian combination, which includes seven of our popular vegetarian menu items, or choose a meat combination and sample 5 items of our beef, chicken, or lamb entrees.
            And what is Ethiopian dinning without coffee? As the Ethiopian tradition dictates, coffee is a social drink to be had in a casual environment while sitting and relaxing, taking time away from daily routines and busy schedules. This is why Ethiopian coffee is not encouraged to be served “to go”. So ask for an Ethiopian coffee, an espresso, a macchiato, or a cappuccino. Relax and enjoy your cup.
            When it comes to drinks, we make sure our customers get to experience the best Ethiopian wines and beers. Make sure you ask for St. George, Meta, or Harrar Beer, the three most famous Ethiopian beers that we have in stock. If you prefer wine, ask for Tej (Ethiopian Honey Wine) Axumit, Guder.
All menu items are prepared in our professional kitchen led and supervised by Chef T. Mamo. Currently, Abol has 3 full-time cooks who are native Ethiopians and have extensive experience in preparing Ethiopian cuisine. The chef and her cooks take pride in their cooking and are very determined in assuring that each and every meal leaving the kitchen is prepared well.

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