Abol Ethiopian Cuisine opened its doors in 2007 and, since February 2013, it has been managed by Chef T. Mamo; prior to managing Abol Ethiopian Cuisine, Chef T. Mamo and her family were frequent patrons of Abol and always enjoyed the delicious meals that Abol has to offer.

Many of our customers ask what the significance of our name is. "Abol" is an Ethiopian word which means "authentic". Ethiopians traditionally refer to their first cup of coffee in the morning as "Abol".

Chef T. Mamo has extensive experience in preparing Ethiopian cuisine. Growing up in a family of "restaurateurs", she fully experienced Ethiopian cooking all around her and developed a passion for cooking at an early age. Chef T. Mamo is a 2008 graduate of the Art Institute of Washington in Culinary Arts.

So you may ask, “What is Ethiopian Cuisine anyway?” Well, cuisine is defined as “a style or method of cooking, as a characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.” Ethiopians, like any other civilization, have developed methods of cooking that are characteristic of the region. However, what distinguishes Ethiopian cuisine is not only the preparation, but also how we break bread. Actually, it is nothing like bread; we don’t even call it bread. The Ethiopian staple is known as injera. It is soft and spongy in texture and pancake like in appearance. When eating it, you tear the injera into pieces and use it instead of a utensil to wrap up cuisine. Traditional silverware has no place in Ethiopian cuisine. A traditional Ethiopian meal is served on and surrounded by injera, on a large platter to be shared with everyone eating

Abol’s Chef also believes in giving back to the community and empowering young women. Abol sponsored jerseys for the girls’ soccer team of St. Michael’s during the annual Ethiopian Soccer tournament in North America that was held at the University of Maryland in July 2013.

There are a variety of people who enjoy Ethiopian Cuisine. Our customers are quite diverse; we get a lot of people trying Ethiopian cuisine for the first time. On the other hand, we also have regular customers: high school students looking to expand their culinary taste, families with kids as young as toddlers, couples on a date, friends meeting for a casual meal, colleagues sharing a meal and discussing business over lunch, and families and friends coming out to celebrate a special occasion. We also have visitors who are staying in one of the nearby hotels who stop by to grab a quick dinner, friends and family coming out for a movie at AFI Silver, or stopping by after a show at the Round House Theater. Even patrons of The Fillmore stop by after a concert.

During our monthly staff meetings, Abol staff members are always eager to hear what our customers are saying. Through the feedback that we have received through Yelp, email, and other social media sites, the staff members are able to read and discuss it all so that they may continue to improve and meet their clients’ expectations. We appreciate and welcome all of our customers and the feedback that we get from them. We use the feedback that we receive to meet and exceed our patrons’ expectations.

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